Almost Invincible

Miss the release of Almost Invincible?! Click here to get it now!

It’s the third in the White Knight and Black Valentine series from Kristen Brand (aka my sister and role model).  It goes back to Dave’s POV, and what’re two traits we love about the ex-superhero?  His humility and how much he loves his family.  Well, Kristen knows him better than any of us, and she decided to make this book his worst nightmare.

A superhero theme park complete with a White Knight ride.. poor Dave…

A pack of supervillains with a vendetta against him.. getting worse..

His daughter trapped inside said theme park with said supervillains.. well shit..

I know what you’re thinking.  “Now I simply HAVE to get it.  Thanks J.E., for asking me to spend a whole $2.99!  Wait.. that’s not even a whole Starbucks drink.. Okay, I forgive you.”  So I’ll repeat: click here to buy it today!

DC Meets Marvel

As promised, here’s a picture of me at SuperCon this past Saturday!  That’s obviously me on the left and then my future husband, Spider-Man on the right.  (No idea what he looks like underneath so I’m using my imagination.)  While there, I made several art purchases (which I plan to post later) and one graphic novel.  Several people asked to take a picture with me, but my favorite was this sweet little girl (possibly six to eight) who looked at me as if I was the real Flash.  I hope she grows up knowing she can be her own hero!  My whole family went, and I can truly say there’s no better feeling than being surrounded by thousands of people dressed as a super hero with absolutely no judgement!

Wonder Woman!

This would be the part where my inner geek kicks in and suggests you go to see Wonder Woman this weekend!  She’s always been my sister’s favorite super hero, and I’ve got to admit she’s pretty damn awesome.  So basically, if they ruin her, I will cry.