Rebellion’s Song

Rebellion’s Song

The Freedom Game Series #2

Genres: Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

Publishing Date: September 12, 2018

Good If You Enjoy: strong female protagonist; Asian influences; morally grey characters; underdogs; falling of man; love triangles

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The rebellion is over. The real fight has just begun…

Recently victorious in her rebellion against the crown, Ethlynn must now keep her newly freed people alive. Though they won their first battle, they have no functioning government or trained army, and Ethlynn’s magic alone won’t be enough to protect them.

Desperate to never wear a slave collar again, she resolves to travel with her brother Kemp to the neighboring country of Seinako to negotiate an alliance.  Flying on the back of a dragon and swimming to the ocean’s darkest depths to make deals with mermaids, Ethlynn realizes the world is far bigger than she could had ever imaged – and infinitely more dangerous.

The sorcerers of the crown are furious at her betrayal and enlist the Alpha of Esper’s deadliest werewolf pack to find her, and the huntsman doesn’t plan to bring her alive. It’s not enough to survive. She must win over Seinako before the new world she created comes crumbling down. Even if that means she must become the cold-blooded killer the crown once groomed her to be…