The Write Perspective: Kill Them All


Book Description:

They messed with the wrong supervillain.

Valentina Belmonte walked away from her supervillain career years ago. Having peaked at the top of the national Most Wanted List, she now lives a quiet life with her husband and daughter, enjoying the Florida sun. Sure, she has to curb her criminal instincts to stay under the radar, but her family is worth it.

Until they’re attacked. With her husband—a retired superhero and the closest thing she has to a conscience—hospitalized and on the brink of death, she’s done playing nice. She doesn’t know who attacked them or why, but she’ll wreak bloody destruction until she finds out. Nobody does revenge like a supervillain, but as her single-minded pursuit grows more violent, it threatens the only family she has left…

Good for people who enjoy: strong female protagonists, morally grey characters, strong mother/daughter relationships, strong action scenes, complex handicapped characters


As an author, I pride myself in being able to foresee the plot’s of movies and books.  Often when everyone else is going ‘Oh wow!  I didn’t see that coming!’ I’m sitting there pridefully quiet because I DID see it coming.  Even in shows/books like Game of Thrones, all of my theories have been at least 80% correct.  But with this book, even when I THOUGHT I knew what was going to happen or what the plot twist would be…. boy was I wrong.

Going into the main character, Val.  Each book in this series rotates between the point of view of Dave, the ex-superhero husband, and Val, the ex-supervillain wife.  I’ve always loved the way that Kristen completely changes the language between the two, making it very obvious we’re in two veeeeery different people’s heads.  In Villainous, we saw how straightforward Val’s thinking is compared to Dave’s.  Her moral compass has been skewed by marrying someone as angelic as Dave, but she is still very much a supervillain when it comes down to it.  I don’t want to spoil in case any of you go back to purchase books 1-3 upon reading this review, but she does some things that make me go DAMN GIRL!

Moving forward with this book, it opens to a scene reminding us just how powerful Val really is.  She’s a telepath, and she’s not afraid to dig into anyone’s mind if it benefits her.  If she wants you to do something, you’ll do it.  No amount of false bravo can protect you from her.

We get to see more of the Prophet King, who’s an active supervillain just as complex as Val.   He has his own goal separate from Val’s, and it’s interesting to see how the two interweave with one another throughout the plot.  With the power to see the future, but not two feet in front of him, it’s interesting to see how is strengths collide with his weaknesses.

And let’s not forget about poor Elisa.  Last book we read about her and her friends being taken hostage in an amusement park courtesy of one of Dave’s ex-arch nemeses.  This time it’s Val by her side, and boy is there a difference.  Firstly, I’d like to commend the beautiful moments between Val and Elisa.  Yes, the two come from a very complicated past together, but they are still mother and daughter.  Kristen is famous for giving us maybe one scene of happiness between characters before she rips our heart out and stomps on it.  However, we’re lucky enough to see a few adorable conversations between the two sprinkled throughout all of the chaos.    Secondly, I love how Kristen handles the relationship between Elisa and her girlfriend.  It’s not just thrown in there so she can say “Look I have an LGBTQ+ character!”  Things aren’t perfect between the two aren’t perfect, and it’s a real relationship.  We get some of that angsty teen drama with the beautiful addition of Val giving Elisa some motherly advice (Yay for parents supporting their children no matter what!)  .

Val is classy, albeit evil.  She’s definitely a character I want to read more about.  Did I mention we finally get to read about the history of how she was burned?  And that’s not the only scar in this story… This book is filled with twists and turns that even The Prophet King can’t see coming.  Nobody is safe.  Everyone is a suspect.  And Val’s solution?  Kill Them All.


Rebellion’s Song

The rebellion is over. The real fight has just begun…

Recently victorious in her rebellion against the crown, Ethlynn must now keep her newly freed people alive.  Though they won their first battle, they have no functioning government or trained army, and Ethlynn’s magic alone won’t be enough to protect them.  Desperate to never wear a slave collar again, she resolves to travel with her brother Kemp to the neighboring country of Seinako to negotiate an alliance.

Flying on the back of a dragon and swimming to the ocean’s darkest depths to make deals with mermaids, Ethlynn realizes the world is far bigger than she could have ever imaged – and infinitely more dangerous.

The sorcerers of the crown are furious at her betrayal and enlist the Alpha of Esper’s deadliest werewolf pack to find her, and the huntsman doesn’t plan to bring her back alive.  It’s not enough to survive. She must win over Seinako before the new world she created comes crumbling down.  Even if that means she must become the cold-blooded killer the crown once groomed her to be…


Thomas Goebel Photography

As an Indie Author, I know the struggle of not just creating the art but marketing and selling your work.  It’s often said as writers that a good strategy for getting more sales is to write more books.  While that is undoubtedly true, I also believe in the power of leading through example.

Pictured to the right is a recent purchase of mine.  This b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  photograph was taken my a friend of mine from college.  I was lucky enough to join the same business fraternity as him, and through our meeting I’ve been able to see the world through his eyes.  And damn, does he capture the world’s beauty perfectly.

For the sake of my phone having terrible picture quality, I’m also attaching below a tiny snippet of the photo in high definition.  His portfolio is filled to the brim with breathtaking work, all with different themes that could fit into any room.

I chose this particular piece because I love the mixing of green with red.  It reminds me that change is constant, and makes me feel both warm and calm at the same time.  There are photographs of greens and oranges, beaches and mountains, sunrises and sunsets, forests and fields.

Excuse my sales pitch, but don’t worry.  You don’t have to just take my word for it.  Click here to look through more of his stunning art pieces  on Instagram!