The Freedom Game

I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to write this blog again.  The real world has a funny habit of getting in the way in life’s biggest moments, and mine did just that.  The past month I’ve been battling twelve hour work days, including last weekend being the first I had off since starting this project.  That means that this is the first chance in a while that I’ve had to excitedly announce that The Freedom Game published TODAY!

Want to know more?


Three years ago, the impossible happened: Ethlynns role in life changed from an ordinary slave to an all-powerful sorcerer.  Now, she’s seeking to become the apprentice of the very person whom she used to call ‘master’.  Why?  Her brother and sister’s lives are still on the line.

With only the clever but awkward Wystan to call her friend, her days of suppression aren’t over.  Despite constantly proving her strength with magic, her peers still look down on her as property.  She does her best to keep her chin up and slave collar clean, acting exactly as her teachers instruct.

Each test they put her through she finds herself questioning who she is and who she’s becoming.  Will she be able to keep herself from becoming a cold-hearted killer?  Is saving her brother and sister worth the lives of countless others?  Ethlynn will have to choose, if she can manage to stay alive…